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Re: [IP] death of a cosmo; heart rate monitor signal frequency?

Sorry too hear that you Cozmo barfed.  I have been using mine since 
May, without incident.  It sounds like what the engineering types 
like us would call infant mortality.  Bummer, but it does happen.  I 
seriously doubt that your heart rate monitor caused the problem.  If 
you look through the back of the Cozmo manual, you'll see a bunch of 
certifications and what not.  One of those is a certification for 
suceptability to RF signal noise.  It sounds more like the key bad 
had a bad button or other manufacturing defect that caused the pump 
to get seriously ticked off.  Hopefully your new pump will be free 
from defects.


>Date: Wed, 03 Dec 2003 16:40:37 -0800
>From: ruth jennison <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] death of a cosmo; heart rate monitor signal frequency?
>hi there all,
>well, just as i was learning to love my pump, it croaked in the middle of
>step aerobics. it let off a faint beep, and when I tried to scroll the
>screens, none of the buttons worked. later it would alarm "key stuck" (no
>buttons had been pressed for over 2 hours before the time of its
>malfunction) and ask me to keep resetting the pump by removing the battery.
>the deltec lady advised me to continue using it for a basal rate, but the
>thing kept alarming, plus there was a big airbubble on its way that i
>wasn't able to prime (because I couldn't push any buttons) so I
>disconnected. I totally guessed at an NPH amount of 4 units every 6 hours
>(this is the frequency, right?), but I may up that tonight.
>Man, just as I was really getting into the pump- a week ago I had a seven
>course meal complete with french dessert(s) and the highest I went was 130!!!
>they're sending me a new one, but my fears have returned. will it break
>every three weeks??!! (That's how long I've had it!)
>there is no conceivable reason why this happened, except for this: what do
>you guys think.
>I use a heart rate monitor when I work out. The heart rate monitor
>transmitter fits into the bottom of my bra, and hugs my chest. I wear my
>pump in my sportsbra when I work out, very close to the monitor. My heart
>rate monitor has a feature that if you hold the watch next to the wireless
>chest transmitter, the watch will no longer display your heart rate, but
>instead, your work out time. I used this feature *much * more than usual
>today (before my pump' s keys stopped working), since I had to go to work
>early, and could only exercise for 40 minutes. Do you think the heart rate
>monitor signal frequency could have messed with the pump? Or was it just a
>defect of the pump and I am way over thinking this?
>I'll be back pumping tomorrow when  the darn thing comes, but i feel pretty
>demoralized about the whole thing.
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