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Re: [IP] Meters

I am with you. I just got off the phone with them and they said they would
send more strips. I called tonight because every time I put a strip in I get
and E-2 message. They told me because the meter was too cold. I only wish
MiniMed would sign a deal and work with the Flash.. I own one but was still
fighting and then realized how hard can it be just to put the number in the
from the meter to the pump. Their number is 1800 BD CARES. Are they kidding
this has been going on for 3 months. If they cared, they would recall the
meter and the strips and wait until it is corrected
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From: "Laura Fleagle" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2003 8:47 PM
Subject: [IP] Meters

> Well, I finally decided I've had it with the BD meter.  For whatever
> reason, it seems like the number of E-3 messages I get has gone up
> dramatically.  They seemed to be a relatively rare occurrence when I first
> got the meter, but lately I'd started getting them all the time.  From
> I can tell, it seems to vary depending on the vial of strips -- some vials
> seem a lot more prone to E-3's than others.  In any case, I realized I was
> wasting an unreasonable number of strips.
> So, I got the Freestyle Flash today.  My pharmacy (Rite Aid, in the
> area) is having a promotion this week where you can get one free if you
> 100 strips (even if the strips are covered by insurance).  So far I love
> it!  When I first saw the meter in the store, my first reaction was "how
> CUTE!"  I know "cute" shouldn't be a top priority when choosing a meter,
> but still!  I do like the small size and the small case.  The backlights
> and testing lights are nice.  My readings seem to be a little more
> consistent on the Freestyle than on the BD meter.  I'd hesitated to get
> Freestyle because I'd used it in the past and wasn't that crazy about the
> design of the test strips, but I just decided the benefits outweighed that
> "downside".  At least it doesn't give you an error message if you pause
> a fraction of a second before completely filling the strip like the BD
> meter does!
> Anyway, so far I'm happy with the switch!
> Laura
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