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Re: [IP] Frustrated new pumper needs advise

Can try putting tape down before inserting. But you are describing my
problems I have with the sils. I just can't use them.  Put them in, they
might be fine for a little while, then gradually sugars seem to go up even
with corrections.  I gave up using them.  Can try the shorter cannula
quickset or softsets.  A friend of mine who is really lean, she uses solely
her thighs for insertions.  This is what works for her.


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From: <email @ redacted>
Hi all
 Switched site out Sun night and almost immediatly felt better and BGs were
in 80-90s. As the night went on site got more uncomfortable but I tried to
it out. BGs were normal in AM, but again spiked to 250s by lunch, corrected
bolus. Went home from work to change site as it felt horrible, and after 2-3
hours still was 200.

 Talked with CDE changed site out manually versus normal with serter. Felt
better and BGs again came down to 80-90s for the night. Pain again
reappeared as
the night went on.

 Got up early to test this morning with BG at 190 and site painful again.
Corrected and went back to sleep. Woke up for good with BG at 240 and pain
site still. Corrected again and took over 5 hours for BG to come down to

 Also, the old sets are coming out with straight non kinked canulas with no
blood or damage showing. I do have bug bite looking spots from the canulas
all recent changes altough I do use Neosporin.

 With advise from CDE I switched to QuickSet this afternoon to try and see
that helps.

 Has anyone had similar problems? I am 5'7 and 120 lbs with little body fat.
do use a very shallow angle on the sils (under 25). I am so frustrated now
don't trust the sites a bit anymore (even the new quickset site). Could this

Any advise would be great as my CDE is as baffled as I am.

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