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[IP] Re: top 5- with questions

Looking at the pump discussion emails I'm seeing a ton of stuff I don't
understand... can somebody fill me in?
Luer Locks and different concentrations of insulin and "closed loop" are
some that I'm thinking of now.

PS-since Diesetronic isn't selling in the US and I feel a little wary about
MM right now I decided the Cosmo has the right features for me so we're
going with that.  Th nurse said my insurance doesn't have a contract with
them until after the new year, though, so I'm stuck with my 508 until then
but I'm happy!  Thanks for all your help and knowledge and great advice!

<5)  Luer-Lock connection to the cartridge.  Allows one to use many
different types of infusion sites from different manufacturers.  Not
big deal now, but as she grows, things will change.>

<2)  Only "knows" U100 insulin.  What if you're very sensitive to
insulin and need to dilute?  (for example, our 2 yo daughter uses U25).
  Conversely, what if you use U500?  You can use these other insulins,
but you have to "lie" to the pump about certain settings and it's a bit

<4)  Is there a "closed loop system" in Cozmos future?>
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