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Re: [IP] switching from a 508 to an Animas

On 3 Dec 2003 at 14:56, Jeff and Colleen <email @ redacted> wrote:

>  Last night I made the switch from my MM508 to an Animas IR1000. I
>  1. Cartridge volume. I was surprised to find out that you can't
>  actually get 300 units of insulin in the pump, since the tubing must be
> after the cartridge is installed, and the cartridge only holds 300
> units. After priming my 43" tubing, I had 255 u of insulin in my pump.
> Is there another way to do this? 250 units is fine, but I'm worried
> about when I switch to the new Animas IR1200. If it's the same set up,
> I'd really only have a max of 160 units of insulin in my pump after
> priming.

It took 45 units to fill a 43" tubing?   My thinking is that you did not
have the piston rod engaged properly.  When putting a new cartridge in the
pump, give the pump a sharp shake downward.  You will hear the piston rod
slide downward to its lowest level.  Keep the pump upright and slide the new
cartridge up into the pump.  You should feel a slight resistance shortly
after placing the cartridge in the opening.

Take your old cartridge and use it to fill your tubing.  A 43" tube should
require a little more than 21 units.  After the tube is filled, remove the
cartridge and push a little more insulin in to fill the luer lock.  Then
twist it onto your new cartridge in the pump and begin your priming.  It
should be possible to get a priming drop out after a beep or two, 15 units
max delivered if the piston rod has been put in place fairly close.

>  2. Priming. I was also surprised that the IR1000 doesn't allow you to prime
> a certain number of units. So to "prime" your cannula, or to replace insulin
> you missed while your were disconnected, you'd really have to bolus, and this
> is counted in the total daily dose. Also, TDD is not in 1/10s of a unit, so I
> can't tell with much accuracy how much insulin I missed while disconnected.

If you need to "prime" your cannula, do a bolus.  A cannula prime only
requires 0.4 to 0.8 units, less than the 5% variance in delivery that MM
allows (assuming you use more than 8 units a day)    As to making up
"missed" basals, it is all a matter of rate and time.  If your on a 0.6 hr
rate and are off for twenty minutes, then bolus 0.2 units.  Again, this is
less than the 5% variance that a Paradigm allows in TDD.

>  3. The clip. How annoying that I have to have a screwdriver to remove or
> replace it! I normally take my clip off at least once a day, and would rather
> not have it on for sleeping, especially when it is rotated and sticking out
> of the side of the pump.

I gave up on the clip.  The newer "slim" clip is comfortable, but eventually
snaps at the hinge.  I've gone to sticking the pump in the pockets of my
pants or shirts at night.

>  4. The battery o-rings. Again, kinda annoying that I need a new o-ring, and
> the little remover device any time I need to change the batteries.

I can't remember the last time I changed batteries.  I'm thinking I may have
done it three times this year, but I'm not sure.  Those batteries from
SR44.com SURE are GREAT!

>  5. Beep volume. It is loud! And to do an audio bolus is at least twice as
> many beeps at twice the volume as my 508. I'm worried that it'll wake my baby
> (due soon), husband, and half the congregation at church!

I haven't done an audio bolus in sometime.  Well actually I haven't done one
since my Cockatoo tried to devour my pump and chewed off the cover on the AB
button.  Why not stick with the menu bolus?  There is the backlight and I
would think that would be less disturbing than any kind of beep

>  Please correct me if I'm wrong about any of these things, or if you know
> that I will either adjust, or they will change in the IR1200.
I understand that there is only one situation with the IR-1200 where the
alarm can not be silenced, but Hillary Syndrome strikes again, I can't
remember!    ;>)

> Thanks! Colleen 34 1/2 wks pregnant

I Love Birth Announcements on IP almost as much as I love "Rebirth"
Annoucements!  Have a Happy Baby, Colleen!

George        :>)
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