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Re: [IP] Frustrated new pumper needs advise

I 'had' the same type problems when I started in sept., tried every set that
MM makes and ended up with the Silhouette. I'm a skinny old man with no
Sometimes I'd change sites 2 to 3 times a day, BS hanging around 250 no
matter how much I bolused.  My sites never hurt, except maybe one, anyway I
gave up !!!  That night I went to bed with the BS about 280, figured I'd
send the pump back the next day,  woke up at 6am with a BS of 87!!!!!!!!
Seems I have a 'lag' of 2 or 3 hours after changing sites, ( couldn't find
anything in the books about a 'lag time' ) But I've only been taking insulin
for the past 64 years. I'm sure I missed a few things:)

This last set is the best so far, has lasted 5 days --- thought I'd see just
how long it would last:)
BTW, I use the front rib area for the site, couple of inches off the center
line.  ** never could get one to work in my 'love-handles' around the waist

Hope things work out for you, the pump is the best thing I've ever had!


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Subject: [IP] Frustrated new pumper needs advise

> Hi all
>  I need some advise. I have been pumping for 1 1/2 weeks with my Paradigm
> The first week was awesome. I had great site changes and have adjusted
> to new basal and bolus amounts. Saturday the problems started.
>  I use sils and had a bad insert Sat. Pulled it out and began again. This
> hit something no pain but got sick to my stomach for 5 minutes or so and
had to
> lie down. Felt better, BGs were good although a bit higher than normal
> Then I spiked to over 200 that night. After two bolus corrections was down
> 130. Next day I stayed around 160s but felt bad. Felt like site was
leaking and
> knew it was taking too much bolusing to come down.
>  Switched site out Sun night and almost immediatly felt better and BGs
were back
> in 80-90s. As the night went on site got more uncomfortable but I tried to
> it out. BGs were normal in AM, but again spiked to 250s by lunch,
corrected via
> bolus. Went home from work to change site as it felt horrible, and after
> hours still was 200.
>  Talked with CDE changed site out manually versus normal with serter. Felt
> better and BGs again came down to 80-90s for the night. Pain again
reappeared as
> the night went on.
>  Got up early to test this morning with BG at 190 and site painful again.
> Corrected and went back to sleep. Woke up for good with BG at 240 and pain
> site still. Corrected again and took over 5 hours for BG to come down to
>  Also, the old sets are coming out with straight non kinked canulas with
> blood or damage showing. I do have bug bite looking spots from the canulas
> all recent changes altough I do use Neosporin.
>  With advise from CDE I switched to QuickSet this afternoon to try and see
> that helps.
>  Has anyone had similar problems? I am 5'7 and 120 lbs with little body
fat. I
> do use a very shallow angle on the sils (under 25). I am so frustrated now
> don't trust the sites a bit anymore (even the new quickset site). Could
this be
> allergies
> Any advise would be great as my CDE is as baffled as I am.
> Thanks
> Carrie
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