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RE: [IP] Insulin from Canada

www.canadapharmacy.com  for online ordering.  Their web site will allow
you to order 1 bottle of Humalog (10ml vial) for US$29.99 or 6 bottles
for US$174.99.  They say that they ship by Air Express for US$10 which
is 3 to 8 business days.  Air Express is Canada Post (Canada's version
of USPS) with a tracking number.

This is much cheaper than in the US, however if you are close to the
Canadian border you can purchase a bottle of Humalog for CDN$28.95,
which is about US$22.25 according to www.xe.com (currency exchange
site).  You do not need a prescription for Humalog in Canada.


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I have bought insulin twice from Canada.  Figures out to about $27 a
versus the $69.  

The name of the pharmacy is CanadaPharmacy.  Their e-mail address is 
 CanadaPharmacy.com Fax number is 1-800-883-6005 phone is 1-800-891-0844

I, personally, would try to order when the temps out are not freezing or
hot.  The first time I ordered the insulin I was not worried about it
when it 
got here.  The last time was about 3 months ago and it took longer to
through than last time and I was a bit worried about it.  It was okay,
have had no problems with bgs except for my under or over bolusing!

BTW, I, personally would not use the bottle you found.  Reminds me of
when I 
fiirst started pumping and we went to 6-Flags Over GA.  I left my
insulin in 
the cooler, the temps were in the 90's, the ice melted, the insulin
Had to use regular in my pump instead of Humalog.  Bgs were elevated but
I did 
not know I could have called my endo and got a prescription faxed to the
Wal-mart!  Ahh, live and learn.  BTW, that was the first and last time I
ever left my insulin in a cooler not chock full of ice in nearly 41
years of 
diabetes.  First time I ever remember having to throw insulin out.

dx 3/63 at 8
pumping 3/00 at, what?, 45
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