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[IP] death of a cosmo; heart rate monitor signal frequency?

hi there all,

well, just as i was learning to love my pump, it croaked in the middle of 
step aerobics. it let off a faint beep, and when I tried to scroll the 
screens, none of the buttons worked. later it would alarm "key stuck" (no 
buttons had been pressed for over 2 hours before the time of its 
malfunction) and ask me to keep resetting the pump by removing the battery. 
the deltec lady advised me to continue using it for a basal rate, but the 
thing kept alarming, plus there was a big airbubble on its way that i 
wasn't able to prime (because I couldn't push any buttons) so I 
disconnected. I totally guessed at an NPH amount of 4 units every 6 hours 
(this is the frequency, right?), but I may up that tonight.

Man, just as I was really getting into the pump- a week ago I had a seven 
course meal complete with french dessert(s) and the highest I went was 130!!!

they're sending me a new one, but my fears have returned. will it break 
every three weeks??!! (That's how long I've had it!)

there is no conceivable reason why this happened, except for this: what do 
you guys think.

I use a heart rate monitor when I work out. The heart rate monitor 
transmitter fits into the bottom of my bra, and hugs my chest. I wear my 
pump in my sportsbra when I work out, very close to the monitor. My heart 
rate monitor has a feature that if you hold the watch next to the wireless 
chest transmitter, the watch will no longer display your heart rate, but 
instead, your work out time. I used this feature *much * more than usual 
today (before my pump' s keys stopped working), since I had to go to work 
early, and could only exercise for 40 minutes. Do you think the heart rate 
monitor signal frequency could have messed with the pump? Or was it just a 
defect of the pump and I am way over thinking this?

I'll be back pumping tomorrow when  the darn thing comes, but i feel pretty 
demoralized about the whole thing.


Ruth Jennison
University of California, Berkeley
Dept. of English
320 Wheeler Hall
Berkeley, CA
tel. 510-666-0560
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