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Re: [IP] switching from a 508 to an Animas

I have to admit -- I've never pumped with anything but an Animas.

Cartridge volume hasn't been a problem for me.  Pump trainer told me to 
figure out how much insulin I needed for two days, add enough for 
priming, and it hasn't been an issue.  I will admit, I've been changing 
tubing every other time not, which cuts down the amount for priming.  
HOWEVER, the smaller cartridge of the I1200 would make me nuts.  I use 
about 250 units every three days counting priming.

Priming:  Well, it does cut down on the math.  I have nothing to 
compare that procedure to, though.

The clip: yeah, I dont' like that either.  I have gone to not wearing 
the clip a lot.  Did you get the leather case thing?  Have you tried 
it?  Which reminds me, I need to do try that myself.  Were you told to 
put the clip outside of the pump?  I was told not to and got a flyer on 
that when they replaced my clip (mine broke).

The battery o-rings aren't that big of a deal.  I, so far, get 8 weeks 
off of batteries.  I'm planning to carry a spare set around just in 
case, and change every 8 weeks.  FYI:  Lack of O-ring might be why MM 
won't work in water? Just a thought.

I believe the IR1200 will vibrate.  I will admit that bothered me at 
first, but I got used to it.  Few people have commented on it, and when 
they do, I just laugh about communicating with it.  Especially the 
audio bolus -- I do assume that will always be loud.

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  1. Cartridge volume. I was surprised to find out that you can't 
actually get
300 units of insulin in the pump, since the tubing must be primed after 

  2. Priming. I was also surprised that the IR1000 doesn't allow you to 
prime a
certain number of units. So to "prime" your cannula, or to replace 
insulin you

  3. The clip. How annoying that I have to have a screwdriver to remove 
replace it! I normally take my clip off at least once a day, and would 

  4. The battery o-rings. Again, kinda annoying that I need a new 
o-ring, and the
little remover device any time I need to change the batteries.

  5. Beep volume. It is loud! And to do an audio bolus is at least twice 
as many
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