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re:[IP] switching from a 508 to an Animas

 I have had a MM pump for 8 years. When the warranty on my 507 ran out, I test
drove an Animas for
 a weekend. I know what you mean about the differences between the two. I could
not get used to
 the additional keystrokes it took to set up my basals, or the bulky clip, or
the way it primed, or
the O rings.
 Since you just got your Animas, I wonder if you could return it and get a MM512
or 712 instead
(the difference is in the size of the cartridge).
 The MMx12 series provide new features such as the bolus calculator, the .05
basal, setting a temp
 basal by percentage, but retain the other features you liked about your MM508.
And of course,
they use the same basic keystroke patterns to set basals and boluses.
 You didn't say why you changed companies, I am curious, especially since you
said you loved your
508.  I hope you can arrange to stick with Minimed.

I love my 512.  It is AWESOME.  


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