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[IP] switching from a 508 to an Animas

Hi All,

 Last night I made the switch from my MM508 to an Animas IR1000. I really love
my 508, and am not taking to the Animas as naturally as I thought I would. It's
probably just a matter of getting used to the different features, and I AM NOT
slamming Animas, just wondering how others have dealt with these differences. I
already love the great customer service, 0.05 u basals (soon to be 0.025!!), and
no bubbles in my reservoir, but I'm not convinced yet that I "traded up", if you
know what I mean.

 1. Cartridge volume. I was surprised to find out that you can't actually get
300 units of insulin in the pump, since the tubing must be primed after the
cartridge is installed, and the cartridge only holds 300 units. After priming my
43" tubing, I had 255 u of insulin in my pump. Is there another way to do this?
250 units is fine, but I'm worried about when I switch to the new Animas IR1200.
If it's the same set up, I'd really only have a max of 160 units of insulin in
my pump after priming.

 2. Priming. I was also surprised that the IR1000 doesn't allow you to prime a
certain number of units. So to "prime" your cannula, or to replace insulin you
missed while your were disconnected, you'd really have to bolus, and this is
counted in the total daily dose. Also, TDD is not in 1/10s of a unit, so I can't
tell with much accuracy how much insulin I missed while disconnected.

 3. The clip. How annoying that I have to have a screwdriver to remove or
replace it! I normally take my clip off at least once a day, and would rather
not have it on for sleeping, especially when it is rotated and sticking out of
the side of the pump.

 4. The battery o-rings. Again, kinda annoying that I need a new o-ring, and the
little remover device any time I need to change the batteries.

 5. Beep volume. It is loud! And to do an audio bolus is at least twice as many
beeps at twice the volume as my 508. I'm worried that it'll wake my baby (due
soon), husband, and half the congregation at church!

 Please correct me if I'm wrong about any of these things, or if you know that I
will either adjust, or they will change in the IR1200.

34 1/2 wks pregnant
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