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Re: [IP] Fw: Top 5 Insulin Pump..what pump

I've referenced part of the email below.  And it got me

Has anybody ever made a list of all the widgets and
gadgets available in all the different pumps?

On Wed, 3 Dec 2003 02:01:10 -0600, "Rodney F. Mead,
Jr." wrote:

> need it to... write
> down
>  what you need in specification.....
>          a. waterproof                         no
>          b. backlight                            no
>          c. vibrate                                no
>          d. calculation of carb bolus   NO I was train
> how to do this.. and
>  still can do it better than any program
>         e. remote control                    no
>         f.  upgradeable software        no
>         g. cartridge filling adapter       No... I was
> train on how to do
>  this to minimizes bubbles
>         h. prefilled cartridge.syrg        no
>         i. remember rates, alarms, blood sugar.... NO
> NO NO.... I was train
> to write things down...
>         k. small size                            no as
> long as it works.

Miki Tracey
email @ redacted

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