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RE: [IP] 511 to 712

> Probably the best thing to do is call Minimed and talk to them
directly. I
> don't think that they will let you go from the 511 to the 712,
> not
> with out a fee. The pathway upgrade, as I understand it does not
> you
> with a new 512, but with a refurbished pump that has been modified
> the
> new software and RF capabilities.

I talked to Minimed about doing this same thing prior to ordering my 512
on Monday. They told me I was out of luck. There is no upgrade path from
the 511 to the 712 (as far as insurance is concerned).

Perhaps there is hope if you just got your 511 and want a 712 instead.
But for those of us outside that 30 day period, no can do.

Keith G.
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