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[IP] PDA, tubing, weight

I am catching up from a long weekend out of town and so I'm writing a
three in one.  The first two have questions I would appreciate input

Someone asked about the difference between paper logs and using a PDA. 
I'm using the Therasense tracker.  It was the absolute best thing to
help me get a good handle on my diabetes in the beginning.  I
personally track bg, insulin, carbs, and other meds.  There are options
to track moods and exercise too.  It has a carb database, an insulin
adjustment chart for corrections, as well as letting you add as many
other personal options as you want.  The main advantage is instant
charts.  My doctors have all really appreciated seeing the numbers in
chart form.  You can do a chart for a day, a week, or whatever you
want.  Plus it is uploadable to the internet allowing my doc to look at
it any time (if I give him the password :) ).  My question for the
group is lately I have had some error when trying to upload.  Has
anyone else that uses the therasense tracker had problems with this? 
The helpdesk (which has always been beyond the best) seemed very
apprehensive to help me since they don't service outside the states and
I live in Argentina right now.

The next thing is I have a box of 24" quicksets.  I like the longer
tubing.  I have one 48" QS.  Logically it seems that what needs to be
changed every 3 or so days is the site itself (ie the needle and
cannual).  I think I could continue using the 48" tubing and just
through away the 24" tubing after inserting the new set.  Would this be
unsafe?  Anyone know where I can buy the 31" or 36" tubing on the
internet?  I will be getting more supplies in 3 weeks. (long story)

Lastly, I just wanted to say thanks to IP in general.  I don't know
that I have ever discriminated against people that are overweight.  But
somewhere in the back of my mind I always figured that they were
overweight because they made life choices to get that way.  IP has
helped me see that the end result does not always show the effort
behind it.  I know that a diabetic who has an insulin reaction
sometimes, doesn't mean they are not trying to get their sugars in a
good range.  And an overweight person does not mean that they are lazy
undisciplined, or eat non stop.  Thanks for helping me see the other
side of the story.


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