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Re: [IP] Re: Assumptions

I was recently trying to explain to someone the difference between Type 1
and Type 2 Diabetes and how my pump works, and how I have to count carbs to
determine my insulin dose, etc.  He then said, "So if you didn't eat any
carbs you wouldn't need to use that thing (my pump)."  I told him I could
eat nothing at all and would still need insulin to live.

People are so misinformed about what it means to have Diabetes, but then so
was I before I was diagnosed.  I had been losing weight and eating
everything in site and my sister kept nagging me to get a blood test,
suggesting that it might be Diabetes or Thyroid disease.  I said, "Well if I
had Diabetes, wouldn't I be gaining weight?"  She said, "It could be the
*other kind*.....we had an aunt who had it."  Duh!  Turns out she was right
and I was as ignorant as so many of the people we complain about.

dx'd T1 3/02, pumping 8/02 clear Paradigm

> Regardless of all those facts, I was told during a hospital stay that if I
> lost weight, diabetes would go away.
> It's not just age, its not just weight.  Its the word "DIABETES".
> Weird Jenn
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