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RE: [IP] upgrading the Paradigm

Myndi wrote:
>  Does anyone have this pump and what do you think?  Is anyone thinking
> changing?  One year ago I changed from the MM 508 to the Paradigm.  I
> had a very pleasant experience with my Paradigm.  

Hey Myndi -

I currently use the 511, though last Monday I submitted the form to
upgrade to the 512. So I don't have any experience yet with the new
model to help you make your decision.

My reasons for upgrading are the following:

1)  I'm an upgrade kind of guy. I figure for just $300 it'll be worth it
to have the Bolus Wizard in the pump along with other minor upgrades.

2)  My current pump gives me E21 alarms every time I change out the
battery. Talk about annoying. Since I was going to have to get a
replacement pump anyway, I decided to try out the latest and greatest
(well, next to the 712).

3)  Stupid reason, but I'm not crazy about the blue color of my current
pump. The new pump will be smoke.

Those are my reasons for upgrading to the 512; for the long term,
however, I have doubts as to whether I'll stay with Minimed. I suppose
it depends on where they (as a company) are at in 2006, which is when I
can get a new pump. So far I've had no complaints about my customer
service, but I really don't like the problems that others are
experiencing. There but for the grace of God....

If you can afford the upgrade, I figure why not. If you've had a
positive experience with Minimed, why not. If you think you'll like the
upgraded features, why not. Not a resounding endorsement for Minimed, I
know, but it's the best I can do for now until the time comes to go pump
shopping again. I really don't suffer a brand loyalty complex. I'll go
with any pump so long as it's cool, it's easy, and it works.

Keith G. 
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