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[IP] Son's Awareness

Shelley said:
>>> My son has sadly grown up enough to recognize that he has diabetes. We
were going to meet Deb & Mary Beth's kids to visit with Congressman Neal. I
said "remember Anthony & Siobhan who have a pump just like yours?" He said
"I have a pump because I'm a diabetic". Mind you we don't call him a
"diabetic", my daughter would have a hemorrhage - she hates the term.
I almost cried. It's the first time that he's acknowledged that. So sad for
our kids. <<<

Although not being a parent of a child with diabetes, I think I understand
this sentiment.  The current issue of Diabetes Care, however, seems to
indicate a different view, which I quote and would be interested in the
views of others:

Interestingly, our sample of patients with type 1 diabetes (children
between 8 & 17 yrs of age) reported similar quality of life to a previously
reported nondiabetic population of youth.  It seems remarkable that despite
the recurrent and often painful disruptions associated with insulin
injections, blood glucose checks, and frequent snacks, youth with diabetes
do not perceive a compromised quality of life.  The parents of youth with
type 1 diabetes, however, reported a slightly lower, statistically
significant, quality of life compared with parents from the nondiabetic
sample.  The difference arose from lower scores on the psychosocial
subscale, which assessed parental perception of the childs adjustment at
school and level of social and emotional functioning.

John Kinsley
Type 1 - 1956
MiniMed 507 - 1998
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