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 First off, my name is William, not Bill. How dare you be so cavalier with my,
or anyone else's name. Second, I was relaying this as a matter of information.
Third, what the heck difference does it make if there are 90 Chevy's or 50
Chevy's. The fact is that Minimed is the 800 lb gorilla and they have done a
darn good job of withholding information from unwitting consumers and
prescribing physicians, NPs etc. Just go to the FDA CEDAR website and see how
many complaints Minimed has versus Disetronic, Animas, Deltec, etc. etc. The
number is, no doubt, disproportionately higher. Minimed has a much higher
complaint rate than the other manufacturers, look for yourself on the CEDAR
website. Sure, Minimed has such a huge US presence because they've been in the
market longer than anyone else, so they probably don't think they have to focus
or spend the money on quality issues, since they have a lock on the market.
That's classic US Business 101. Chevy's been on the road a l!
 ot longer
  than Toyota, and Toyota has had a longstanding record of high quality and low
complaints, where Chevy for many years has had low quality and many complaints.
Look that up in Consumer Reports or Car and Driver. Deltec and Animas are the
Toyotas to your Minimed Chevy. Finally, I don't understand why you are taking
this all so personally. I don't care if you work for NASA or the FAA or Burger
King, and I don't care if you have a PhD in nuclear physics - or a GED, and I
certainly don't give a darn what your income is, as it has no bearing on this
discussion. The number of K you earn is none of my business, and it impresses me
not one bit. Nevertheless, I wish you no ill will - and much good health.
William Seward

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