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[IP] Re: difference between Minimed models

< So in 
the old
days the 508 is to the 712 as the 511 is to the 512.>

 Actually, that's not quite correct. The 511, 512 and 712 are all versions of
the Paradigm, as opposed to the 506, 507C and 508 styles. The Paradigm 511 does
not have the newest software with the bolus wizard, the .05 basal increments,
the ability to set the temp basal as a percentage rather than an absolute
number, the ability to set the low reservoir alarm at the amount of your
choosing, and several other features. The Paradigm 512 and 712 both have those
features. The only difference between those two is the reservoir size - 176
units vs. 300 units. Pam
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