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[IP] BD Paradigm Link

There has been a lot of Paradigm Link (the BD meter that works with the MM
Paradigm pump) bashing on the list lately.  I'll put in my 2 cents worth--I'm
quite pleased.  I love the beaming of the result to the pump.  Yes, you can
input the result from other meters, but it's simpler when the meter sends the
info.  I have not had trouble with E-3 errors--I follow the directions ((which
I do not find onerous) for getting blood onto the strip, and it works.  I got
a second meter, and it had problems.  Customer service was great--they made
sure I had another meter I could use in the interim, and I had a replacement
in 2 days.

My only complaints are the lack of a backlight--what if you need to test in
the movie theater?-- and the large size of the case.  I complained about the
case to the company, reminding them that we insulin dependent folks need to
carry the meter with us at all times, and that their case won't fit into a
pocket, a fanny pack, or a purse unless you leave out the wallet.  I
retrofitted my One Touch Ultra case to carry the BD Link meter.

Barbara Ziegler
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