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[IP] Re: Top 5


My daughter is on the Cozmo (Ice Blue).


1)  Bolus calculator in grams of Carbs.  This is great as it allows my 
daycare provider to do carb count, enter it and push go.  She loves not 
having to do the extra math step.

2)  Insulin on board calculator.  Automatically reduces a correction 
(but obviously not a food bolus) to account for insulin still on board 
from the last bolus.

3)  Insulin duration is programmable.  Default set at 3 hours but can 
put in your own value.

4)  Is water proof (I8X2 or whatever).  Means it's tight to eight feet 
down for 30 minutes.  We're in the middle of putting in a swimming pool 
(Daughter is a fish!) and this will be important.

5)  Luer-Lock connection to the cartridge.  Allows one to use many 
different types of infusion sites from different manufacturers.  Not 
big deal now, but as she grows, things will change.


1)  Have to turn on back-light with pump in screen-saver mode.  You 
forget, you gotta wait for pump to return to screen saver.

2)  Only "knows" U100 insulin.  What if you're very sensitive to 
insulin and need to dilute?  (for example, our 2 yo daughter uses U25). 
  Conversely, what if you use U500?  You can use these other insulins, 
but you have to "lie" to the pump about certain settings and it's a bit 

3)  Software is good, except it only comes in PC.  I'm a MAC (And 
virtual PC has way too many problems trying to communicate with the IR 
port for me to use that for the program).  And it's only a 
communication program.  THere are no analysis tools built into it 
(maybe new version?).

4)  Is there a "closed loop system" in Cozmos future?

Hope this helps

David Jensen
Father to Sigrid, Dx 9/02 @ 11 months, Pumping Cozmo 4/03.


On Monday, December 1, 2003, at 11:08  PM, insulin-pumpers-digest wrote:

> Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2003 20:55:04 -0500
> From: "Julie Murphy" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] top 5
> Ok, one last email attempt to become an informed consumer :)
> I've got the info from all the company websites and the comparison 
> websites.
> I like the communication and calculation abilities of the MM712, but 
> the
> software that comes with the diesetronic looks great too, but I'd love
> waterproof, and small, and quiet, "normal" batteries... I'm having a 
> hard
> time focusing on one pump.  (It's like car shopping)  So I'd like to 
> hear
> from you, though I don't want to start another "war" so maybe you 
> should
> reply privately.  I want your top 5 favorite things and worst 5 
> drawbacks to
> the pump you currently use.  I'm looking for people who have the most 
> recent
> models of all the different companies.  Thanks again!
> Julie
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