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[IP] WAS Minimed static problems ... now, i dont know what it is ?

>Len, don't let my little error in math overshadow the fact

Little error in math?? may the irs, make such a little error, in my next 
tax return.
i DID not slam MM..
i never said, anything referring to my faults, (but, ill assure, i have 
many, and have no difficulty, admitting to Them)
i simply pointed out a mathematical error.....
(and, i feel, math, is somewhat important, to those pumping.
id hate to think, you would think of 50 % of 4 units, and take 50  times 4 

>I think it is unfair, unnecessary
>and flat rude.  So if Minimed sells 80 of every 100 pumps in the US market
>share would you not think that any problems with that product would be
>magnified just based on the pure numbers?
sound to me, that you just answered, your own issue... if you see 80% more 
complaints, that appears to me Mathematically, right in line....

why is this such a personal issue, with some people ?

my pump, is my life-line, and one of my most important possessions, but, i 
have never seen, such a reaction, towards any piece of hardware, ever..
i must admit, it always seems, to come from the users of that ONE 
particular manufacture.... quit curious indeed...
in as polite a way, as i can.... "give it a rest"... no one "slamin' your
precious pump", if they happen to have a problem, or an issue with it, or 
just plain dont like it...

i DO find  it soooo odd though...
were I USING the "numbereo uno pump", i couldnt give (if i may plagiarize), 
"a rats patutie", what anyone said about it...

ya' know what.... i DONT use the best pump, and i still couldnt give that 
same rodents whatever,

>If the only reason this forum is here is to simply slam certain owners of
>particular insulin pumps, and ask the group about pump therapy for animals,
>then this is indeed a sad forum.
you sure seem to be taking part....

>Me and several other people on this forum are actually getting pretty tired of
>being slammed for owning a Minimed pump.

ok.. here we go....... "Oh, then you should get a different pump, next 
time... then, you wont get slammed" ;-)

YOH!... ive have NEVER seen any post, slamming (oh that word), anyone, for 
choosing a particular
item... i use a tester, which i think is the best one.... i couldnt care 
less, what tester, anybody else uses,
and i SURE as heck, would not Slam them, for using the one they 
like.....but, i might tell them what i like about mine... and.... Ya' Know 
What ? it might not be the one you have, and, i wouldnt be slamming you 

i wish not to make a "tummis", on this issue.... seems so like a repeat,
of just a few weeks ago....i'd kindly ask you, should you wish to continue 
with this subject, to please count me out.
nuff (plenty) said. 
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