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[IP] We hire them....

Mark said>>>>>>The best advise I would give to anyone is to:
* Educate yourself
* Take the good advice and throw out the bad advice.
* Give the doctors the boot when they fail to perform and make sure that you
Believe me, if the word gets out enough even they will come around or get
out of the practice of medicine all together.<<<<<<<

Mark said it well.  We all must know more than our doctors about OURSELVES
and we must stay abreast of latest developments.   There is such a plethora
of info coming out daily that no one, not even a doctor, can possibly keep
up with what is happening.   My experience has been that when I go in to see
my Endo, if I have heard about something and want to know more about it, I
take him some web pages, a copy of the article (always putting my name and
phone number at top) ask him to find out if it might be of value to me, etc.
Nine times out of ten, he hasn't heard of it yet, or maybe knows about it,
but no specifics, and is grateful for the help.  Today's world is different
from our parents who believed doctors were infallible and omnipotent.   My
dad did not know the names of half his meds or what they were for, "The
doctor just told me to take two a day", he would say. 

I demand more from my doctors.   I also remember that I HIRED HIM/HER.   I
can also fire him/her without cause.   We cannot expect our docs to be on
top of it all.  They are humans who happen to study a field we did not.   If
you are not satisfied with the service, find another.  
Bonnie from Bama
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