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Subject: RE: [IP] top 5

Minimed 512
Top 5 positives
 1. So easy to learn. Lots of choices in programming to personalize it for you,
including even when some alarms go off.
2. Small size and good looking (with clear and opaque plastic combo). 
3. Reservoirs are so cute and easy to fill. Prime function is foolproof.
4. Great technical support.
 5. Great customer service for other issues including guiding you through the
Top 5 negatives (with comments)
1.Not waterproof 
 (though I would have to suspend anyway while swimming since I go low when
swimming a mile plus. If playing in the water vs. swimming, I take a bit extra
before disconnecting for up to 90 minutes-not a big deal for me, but worth
2. Preprogrammed for insulin duration 
 (I ignore their active insulin calculation a couple of hours after the last
bolus. Who unquestioningly follows what a machine suggests anyway? I mean, it is
a nice function, but only to confirm my calculations. Still, it is annoying)
 3.I am worried about encountering bad customer service after hearing the horror
stories here
 (but in the last twelve years with Minimed I have always had great service.
Even the last couple of years since Medtronic took over have been great).
 4. BD meter likely problematic. I never switched because I love my Ultrasmart.
Has anyone used the BD without problems? I haven't bothered changing my strip
 5. Feeling belittled by the anti-Minimedders! LOL, it feels so personal
 A serious consideration is whether you have problems with static electricity.
If you do, then you will likely have problems with a Minimed pump.

Good luck with your decision! You will be so happy with whatever you get. 
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