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Re: [IP] Pump Comparison - Top Likes and Dislikes

At 6:53 PM -0800 12/1/03, Juan Antonio Dominion wrote:
>I am currently using the MiniMed 512.
>Top 4 Likes
>1. Looks like a pager

I don't understand this!!!   To me, the design of the 511/512 is 
remarkably similar to the shape of the Disetronic H-tron.   But back 
when I got the H-tron (1998) everone was telling me "you should have 
gotten a 507(c) because it looks more like a pager and not a medical 

So, does this mean that the designs of pagers have changed to look 
like the Disetronic H-tron or like a "medical device?"         ;>)

Dxed 4/64, "reborn" on an H-tron 8/13/98, "born again" with IR-1000 10/2/02
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