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Re: [IP] top 5

I'm replying as a "mom" of pumper (Animas)
1) customer service is beyond compare.  I have had reps meet me off the 
freeway to give me a loaner

2)  The .05 basal.  Maybe not important for an adult but crucial for some 

3)  Waterproof - we live in Texas, hence live in the water in the summer, 
Nicole also takes a bath with her pump and pump case etc. on (I think we are 
unusual there)

4)  easy to use - my oldest (age 9) has been bolusing, priming, etc for the 
past 6 months for Nicole.  

5)  Skinny design


1) very alarm happy, and it is loud

2) can't override certain features, ie.  low cartridge (20 units) means 
nothing for someone on 10 units a day

I can't think of anything else.  I love all pumps, we have our lives back.  
Animas suited our needs and is an excellent company.  Look at your needs and 
the features and you won't go wrong.  Good luck!
mom to Nicole (4) dxd 10/01 pumping 4/03
Kelly (9), Blake (6) and Luke (2)
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