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RE: [IP] Minimed static problems

This is what I also found out while researching the different pumps and one
of the reasons I chose another company.


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Hi all
 I inquired to a couple of pump manufacturers about the static discharge on
Minimed pump. Here is a reply from an engineer that designs insulin pumps
one of the top manufacturers.

 ...Not all devices are equal with respect to withstanding ESD
Discharge). While the individual electronic components are essentially
equivalent in all pumps, it is how they are arranged on the circuit board
the additional protection circuitry that makes all the difference in the
There are many sophisticated methods to prevent the electronic component
failing when a pump is exposed to ESD. Some of them involve internal
planes, energy damping capacitors, and routing of sensitive traces to name a
few. The key to resisting ESD is not in preventing exposure to static
and environment. It is in adhering to good design practice, that is creating
insulin pump electronics and housing designs that withstand conditions
in the applicable international standards! Medtronic-MiniMed apparently does
understand that greater protection can be obtained through good product
The main reason for not adhering to these acc!
  practices is cost saving measures as a total redesign is necessary. This
one reason the Medtronic fails when exposed to ESD.

Any thoughts?

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