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[IP] Pump Comparison - Top Likes and Dislikes

I am responding to a post requesting this information.  Rather than
reply off list, I think it's important for everyone to reply on list,
because that's the whole purpose of this list, to help others out.  If
we all post this information, it will be in the archives where others
can find it later.  I'm interested in hearing what others have to say
about their pumps as well.
I am currently using the MiniMed 512.
Top 4 Likes
1. Looks like a pager
2. Can be worn like a pager - has a belt clip
3. Proprietary Reservoir filling mechanism is easy to use and gets very
few bubbles inside
4. One of the smaller pumps on the market
Top 6 Dislikes
1. No time display on main screen
2. Bolus calculator for active insulin uses an 8 hour duration for fast
acting insulin, other pumps let you set your own time
3. Back light is not constant during use, it goes off every time the
pump screen changes
4. Buttons used to be arranged in such a way that the pump could be
programmed while clipped in pocket, without looking at it, using the
audible bolus.  Now it must be removed from pocket for bolusing because
the buttons are arranged opposite.
5. Link with BD meter is practically useless because the meter is
oversensitive.  From my experience and according to others' posts, it is
sensitive to too much blood, which other meters are able to control for,
and is sensitive to moving the finger while applying blood to the strip
(how else are you supposed to get the blood to the strip).
When the pump is in "Alert Mode" - for low battery, low reservoir,
patterns and temporary basal, instead of displaying icons on the main
screen indicating which mode it is in, it displays 6 open circles and
you must press the ESC button to find out what the alert is.
Antonio in Los Angeles
Dx Type 1 1993 @ Age 27
Paradigm 512
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