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RE: [IP] top 5

Hi Julie,

I use the Animas pump and love it, but I will attempt to give you both
positive and negative about it, here it goes:

TOP 5 Positive
1) Its small and cool looking (in my opinion)
2) Its waterproof
3) Animas customer service ROCKS!
4) I have NOT seen a paramedic in over 1 year (used to see them on a monthly
basis)This would be in my top 5 no matter what pump I have I think ;)
5) A1C is GREAT! This would be in my top 5, as well, no matter what pump I
have I think ;)

Top 5 Negative
1) The light in it could be brighter
2) when my pump alarms, it can be annoying and take a few trys to get it to
stop alarming
3) I use a palm pilot with the animas program in it, and love it, but
apparently the newer pumps are going to be able to figure insulin according
to the ratio you tell it and also figures out the insulin left working in
your system, I think this is a cool feature and I would seriously look into
this, some think its just a matter of doing your own math, which is true,
but I hate math ;)
4) I would have it available in different colors maybe (I am fishing now ;))
5) Maybe have the alarms like your cell phone and let you change the
tune.......oh oh oh one more, I might add the vibrate feature to my pump, I
think that would be handy

Hope this helps........honestly I don't think it matter what pump you get,
just that you get a pump! It will make a world of difference, at least it
has for me.

Tami in Tucson
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