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[IP] graves disease and high bgs


As you probably know, Kevin is in this boat as well. He was dx. about 5 weeks
ago. We increased his basals about 150% as well and the boluses, and
correction ratio's were changed. He has been medicated this whole time, and
the basals/boluses are still increased. He is still very symptomatic, and they
are still adjusting the dosage. I know this doesn't help you much, but the doc
said, when it got under control...we would be able to decrease the insulin.
I'm waiting for that day!

Good luck!

We are going to talk to the endo this week about skipping over the meds and
going right to RAI. The meds and the Hyperthyroid disease itself is messing up
Kevin's "normal" life. I didn't think I would say dealing with "just" the
diabetes would be a normal life...but this Graves has thrown such a curve ball
into his life it is incredible!

Keep in touch, and good luck.

Mom to Kevin
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