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RE: [IP] What a CDE/endo does at the office visit?

<<<<Mark said: doctors or to tell you the truth were people that just wanted 
to make great money (and they do most of the time). >>>>
Okay Mark,
you think that physicians make alot of money...........
127 THOUSAND dollars for medical school,
45 THOUSAND for a undergraduate degree
First year Residents (interns) 28- 31 thouand YEARLY
Second year Residents 30 to 33 thousand yearly
Third year Residents 32 to 35 thouand yearly
Fourth year and higher (surgery, anathesiology, orthopaedics ect) 35 to 40 
thouand a year

Say you took out a loan for your undergrad degree and there is NO grants for 
graduate school
so say $172,000 ......... you have 10 YEARS (yes TEN years) to pay it 100% 
back... after 6 months of graduating... so that is about 17,200 a YEAR to 
pay back in student loans.
Some Residents have 10 thouand dollars PER year BEFORE taxes to live on...
Can you do that?

R. Leppanen

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