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Fwd: [IP] Pulling a pump?

 >We have often read where a doctor has pulled a pump from a patient, but I'd
 >like some feedback on what I witnessed Thursday.
 >We spent Christmas with a pumper and she has a pump friend. The friend
 >didn't have enough insulin to bolus for the restaurant meal, so refilled her
 >reservoir at the table. She took the reservoir out of the MM508, detached
 >the Luer Lock, put insulin in the reservoir, then reattached the hub and
 >tubing together, finally placed the res. back into her 508.
 >Two hours after the restaurant episode I asked if she was going to check her
 >BG. She said since it's been 2 hrs, okay. It was 63. I asked if she'd treat
 >that. She drank a 10-oz bottle of reg. Sprite and ate fudge.

It seems to me that she did admirably for a pumper of one year.  She made a 
mistake, then checked her blood sugar and corrected it.  She may have 
overcorrected, but I'm guessing that if she was 63 two hours after lunch 
she did the right thing as the insulin was still working.  Clearly, she's 
figured this out.  Now she has some more  work to do if she wants to 
prevent things like this from happening in the future.  That's to be expected.

It takes time to learn how to handle pumping. And for the most part it has 
to be your own time. Other people's anecdotes can be used as clues, but not 
much more.  As we know everyone's mileage varies.

I would be loath to suggest that someone should be deprived of the pump 
unless they were obviously putting themselves or others in grave danger by 
using it.

Remember, Jan, you've been pumping for a long time now.  Haven't you made a 
mistake or two along the way?

Happy New Year to all IP members, and my best wishes for 2003,

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