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Re: [IP] Animas R1000 Alarms

This happened once to Jenny. Tech support just said to pull out the 
batteries and re-insert them. Unless the alarm has been going a really 
long time, the batteries are still good. The problem hasn't happened since.

We keep extra batteries in the glucometer case (for pump and 
glucometer). That way we don't have surprises. The Animas batteries 
always last 9-12 weeks.

Happy New Year, everyone.


Andy Johnson wrote:

>I have the same exact problem!!!
>My R1000 will not shut up or become functional again until I change my
>I hate all the sirens and warnings on this pump. I am tempted to go back to
>my MM 508 because of them.
>I was out on lunch break one day and had the sirens go off in KMart. Luckily
>there was a Radio Shack next door that had the batteries in stock. Changed
>the batteries in the store and that solved the problem.
>The serial # on my pump is in the 12000 range.  If you or anyone else has
>any luck with Animas related to this issue, I would be glad to hear back
>about it. I will speak with my rep @ Animas and see what type of response I
>get from him. I will let everyone know the outcome.
>Happy New Year and a big thanks to Michael for the hard work getting the
>site back up and running.
>Andy J.
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