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[IP] Changing Sites

	I've not only had the same experience Tina had, I received the same kind
of responses from Insulin Pumpers' members when I raised the question
about a year or so ago (I think I used a title something like "delayed
reaction", but I am not certain).  To recapitulate, you change sites
(yes, (a) you keep the old site attached for several hours and (b) you
properly prime the new site) and yet your blood sugar readings go up for
several hours thereafter.  
	Sorry to say I have no real solution.  I have tried giving large
boluses, but they seem ineffective for the first several hours;
thereafter, they seem to work (long after the insulin "tail" should have
ended).  What seems to be the best solution for me is to change sites
shortly after eating and bolusing, and then just just waiting out the
time before the new site seems to take hold, maybe three or so hours
	At least it is kind of nice to know you are not alone.
							Shel Miller

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