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[IP] Trade MMT-315 Sof-sets for MMT-391 Quick-sets!

I have switched to Quick Sets but still have a few boxes of Sof-sets.  I have
the following:

1 unopened boxes (12 sets in each) of MMT-315 (9mm canula, 43 in. tubing)
Sof-Sets (expiration dates in 2007!)

I would like to trade for the following:

1 box (10 sets in each) of MMT-391 (6mm canula, 43 in. tubing) Quick Sets

Please email me privately at email @ redacted

Chris Johnson

Christian Johnson
1710 First Avenue, #102
New York, New York 10128
cell. 917-365-0114
tel. 212-426-1449
pers. fax: 212-208-4672
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