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[IP] Donating Blood in United Blood Services Area

For all Diabetics who live in areas covered by United Blood Services:

When my spouse went to donate blood today (12/23), we found out that United
Blood Services had changes their policy manual about 3 weeks ago.

People with Diabetes Mellitus may be accepted as Blood Donors if controlled
by diet, oral medication or insulin (including insulin pump).  The newest
information is that they are accepting all insulin users (unless you have
used bovine (Beef) insulin since 1980 manufactured from cattle in the Untied
Kingdom  - related to "Mad Cow" disease).

I think this is wonderful news and I have an appointment to do a "double red"
(twice as many red cells and they give me the plasma back) on January 6th
with my local UBS.  My spouse and I have been 'bugging'  the management at
UBS for the past year or so, ever since we found out the Red Cross has been
allowing pumpers to donate for the past few years (thanks to Ed
(email @ redacted)).  We hope that our pestering may have had something to
do with the decision.

For those who need or want the authoritative reference in the UBS policy:

The change appears in Appendix F-1 pg. 34 of 102 in the UBS Policy book that
sits at every donor interview station.

Keep in mind that there are other factors that can disqualify you for
donation.  As it happens, I stopped in to check out the new policy and ask
questions (since the spouse was already there) and they were ready to take a
unit from me on the spot, but my hematocrit was a point shy of qualification
(38%).  But they are looking forward to taking my O neg on the 6th!

Please pass this on to any and all diabetics!  And please check with your
local UBS center to confirm that they are following this policy.

Happy pumping and giving!

Katherine Nelson & MyHope2 (the pump)
dx T2 '86, T1 '96,
MM 508 - 5/15/01, MM 511 - 9/13/02
And soon to be a blood donor again!
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