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[IP] I'm a pumper!!!!!

Great news everybody!  I went to pump training yesterday and started pumping
yesterday as well.

My original basal was 3.35.  I was finding I was going towards hypo every
three hours.  In fact, I woke up with a 60 BG this morning.  I have been cut
back to 3.25 now.  Of course, now that I think about it, at 3.35 I could eat
Christmas Candy and call it medicinal! <G>.

Only two alarms so far. I got an occlusion alarm due to a kink in my tubing.
I solved that one pretty easily.  Then I got a delivery halted -- no prime.
Having one alarm after another rattled me and I  called Animas.  While waiting
for a call back I had a chance to calm down and figure out that I needed to
disconnect and prime!!!

I guess the best news is that my basal rate has dropped 22% from my Lantus
injections  Wooohooo!

So, I go forth into the New Year a PUMPER!!!!!

Chris  <aka Paperback Writer> and his pump Julian
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