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[IP] Animas R1000 Alarms

Does anyone with an R1000 with a Serial # around 09543 have issues
with the low battery alarm causing the pump to go nuts and not allow you
to do anything with it until the batteries are changed?

I had a low battery alarm on Christmas day, and the pump wouldn't allow me
to confirm the alarm and shut it up.  No amount of button pressing would
stop it.  I finally had to pull the batteries.  I was about to change
out the reservoir anyway, so it wasn't a disaster.

I called tech support and complained that 3 out of 4 battery changes have done
this to me since I got the pump.  Their first suggestion was to change
on a more regular schedule or just pull the batteries and change them.  I hung
up and thought about it for a while and decided this wasn't good enough.  What
happens if I'm not around new batteries or insulin/reservoirs and it does this
to me?  I'd have to listen to it beep or siren at me until such a time as I
could obtain new batteries.

The next day I emailed them again and got a different rep and after calling me
at work, I convinced them they needed to send me a pump with updated firmware
in it.  She said that no one using the current generation of R1000's is having
this issue.

Sorry for typing so much, but I was wondering if anyone else has had this



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