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Re: [IP] New Cozmo pump

Original Message ----- From: "Judi" <email @ redacted> Is anyone actually
using a Cozmo yet?

I received my Cozmo this past Friday, December 27, but have not been able to
get in touch with anyone about training. My rep is not returning my phone
calls but this is not the first time.

I have been very frustrated dealing with Deltec's supplier - LogiMedix. I
would highly recommend dealing directly with Deltec. I was told by LogiMedix
last September that they were the only distributor. They were demonstrating
the pump at a Wellness Retreat for Diabetics in Baltimore so when I decided
to go with the Cozmo, I called them. The few times I have gone directly to
Deltec, I have just been told to call my LogiMedix rep. Had it not been for
the holidays, I think I would have returned it by now and looked at other
pumps. I'll give them another few days then it may go back.

Someone recently got I think an Animas and was given the software and a PDA.
I understood that the Deltec was not going to include the software to upload
the stats and do any analysis. I did not however realize that it also did
not include the software which allows you to personalize the pump or to make
any pump settings via  your PC. I thought this was an included feature. At
this point, no software is even available for purchase. They hope to have
the Windows 2000 version ready in the next couple of weeks then they have to
work on the Windows 98 and other versions.

I am pleased to see Wayne's email that everything is going well for him. I
am also please to have the IP site up and running again so that I can vent a
bit. My FreeStyle Tracker just gave out this am as well. I should be
receiving a new one Thursday.

Happy & SAFE New Year to All,
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