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Re: [IP] New pump


If I'm off-base here I apologize--maybe I'm
misreading your messages.  If you're at the stage
where you're trying to decide whether or not to start
pumping, then I think you've been poorly treated by
the MM sales reps.  I understand that they have a job
to do, but I think it's wrong for them to sell
*pumping*, to undecided DMers, instead of selling
*pumps* to DMers that have already decided to pump.
(I'm also quite a bit suspicious that
end-of-quarter/year sales quotas have a big hand in
the high-pressure sell job)

If what you *really* want is to try out a pump
before buying one, you can do that.  You can return
the MM pump unopened, if you care to.  You can also
contact the other pump companies and request a loaner
pump for a saline trial. If you tell your MM rep that
you'd like a trial, he may agree to that also.  If
you do one (or more) of these trials you will learn
quite a bit about pumping.

But, if what you *really* want is to get started with
your Paradigm, you should contact your endo/physician
about dosage, and schedule pump training classes
(either through your dr's office, or with a MM pump
trainer) before you start using your pump.

You may also want to read "Pumping Insulin" and/or
"Smart Pumping", two books available by clicking


>I finally caved into the Minimed pressure.
>They were VERY intense. I gota call from another
>sales rep late friday, he would not let me get off
>the phone until I said yes. Oh well. I will give it
>a try and see how everything goes. I bought a
>Paradigm. I will recieve it tomorrow. I am not sure
>what to do next. I know I will have the read the
>manual etc. No one really told me what to do about
>dosing etc. Michael

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