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Re: [IP] New pump

>>>. I bought a Paradigm. I will recieve it tomorrow. I am not sure what to
do next. I know I will have
the read the manual etc. No one really told me what to do about dosing etc.

I hate reading manuals. One for the TV, VCR, Monitor, Printer, PC,
telephone, can opener, m'oven, cell phone, toaster, minivan, dishwasher, and
the pump. However, it is a very useful thing to do. As far as dosing, etc.,
your doctor and/or CDE has that monumental task. That really isn't for you
to figure out. Play with your pump, get familiar with it, and even wear an
infusion set for 3 days that isn't hooked to the pump at all. Best wishes,
and hope you end up loving the yet-unnamed-pump. ;)

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