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[IP] Extended/Dual Wave Bolus Experiment

Anyone else out there using the extended/dual wave boluses in an attempt
to make sites last longer (or up to 3 days in my case)?

I've been experimenting over the last two weeks to see if my sites will sustain
better (using humalog) if I deliver all my boluses (except for small < 3u 
adjustments) using the extended bolus to deliver my boluses over 30 minutes.
I'm hoping that not shocking my site with the typical 7-13 units of humalog
will make them to last longer.

I haven't had an outright site failure and my sites seem stable and unirritated
after 3 days since starting this.  I could tell I was about due for a change
this morning when I  woke up at 180.  I went to bed after correcting a low (30)

and I KNOW this isn't a rebound, so this kind of morning reading usually 
indicated imminent site failure if I go another day.

At this point I'm just happy to have it last 3 days until the 210 units I put
in the reservoir run out.

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