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[IP] Christmas Cookies - Beware of Calculations

I have had my Christmas cookie recipes in Master Cook for a number of
years - most of them were my mother-in-laws recipes. Never paid any
attention to the nutritional info until this year. As a family, we decided
not to even make cookies this year - my college junior had just lost her
freshman 15, my college freshman has just gained his freshman 15, my hubby
had been carrying his extra 2 times 15 lbs sometime now and of course I
don't need them. Well, my in-laws arrived for the holidays with 5 tubs of
homemade cookies. I decided to check the carbs for my favorite almond balls
since the recipe was already on file. MasterCook had them calculated at 234
calories/44 g carbs a piece. Needless to say I decided I could do without
them. After a while though I got to thinking that was way out of line so I
checked the indredients individually. The candied cherries were listed as 18
candied cherries, halved - MasterCook interpretted this as 18 cups of
candied cherries. After making this slight correction, I can now have one or
two for 95 calories/ 8 g of carbs a piece. It's a good thing I did not eat a
few before I first checked then dosed for 44  grams a piece. I guess I would
have had to have eaten a doozen+ to use up the insulin.

Happy Holidays,
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