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In response to Sherry's question, I've played a bit with my paradigm pump and
the dual and square wave bolus options. What I have found to be most effective
is the following... when eating simple carbohydrates like a snack of arrowroot
cookies, or a glass of juice, I use the normal bolus option. When eating a
meal with simple and complex carbohydrates plus protein or fat, I use the dual
wave bolus. Normally, I use 1 unit of novolog per 20g of carbohydrate. Because
I no longer use long acting insulin, I find it best to do the following...
take the usual 1unit/20g carbohydrate as a bolus, then I use the square part
of the dual wave bolus to distribute a small amount of insulin (I had to play
with this for a while) to cover the post meal absorption of carbohydrates as
the food is digesting. With a little tinkering, I've been able to keep my
blood sugars within the 4-7 mmol/L range (with little or no fluctuation in
levels post meal).
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