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[IP] Cozmo in the mail

Finally got the word that my Cozmo will be sent out today or tomorrow. I
possibly could have had it a day or 2 sooner had I opted for the ocean or
ice blue model.

I sure wish I was on it now. Two days in a row I have gone out to breakfast
with company and both days forgotten my 2nd bolus. For pancakes I take 3
units when I eat and another 1 or 2 two hours later. So I have gone over 200
two days in a row - something I  normally do not do.

I am also really juiced to get it after my meeting yesterday with Brenda
Maritinez. She is visiting her son here in Memphis for the holidays and was
so gracious to give up a couple of hours and talk with my family and with me
about pumping. I got to see an infusion device for the first time. She
changed her site for me to see how it was done. She did not change the
tubing but she showed me how to prime to remove the air bubbles and then how
to prime  to fill the canola. How your world can change in a year. I did not
even know these things existed this time last year but I was drinking tons
of water, eating tons of Christmas cookies and other goodies and loosing

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas,
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