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RE: [IP] My New pump after breakdown!!!!!

At 12/23/2002, 12:58 PM Rowe, Kelly wrote:
 >What's sad is the frequency we read about returns on this list.  It seems
 >that the defect rate is fairly high for all manufacturers.  I think they all
 >need to be introduced to the 6-Sigma program.

You can't really tell what the defect rate is for any pump company by 
reading the mail on this list. The problem is that no-one writes when 
everything is working just fine. You only see those that are having 
problems and even then, you don't know what percentage that actually 

When you consider that this is a device that runs 24/7 and is often put 
through a lot of stress and abuse, it's amazing to me that they are as 
trouble free as they are.

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