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Re: [IP] My New pump after breakdown!!!!!

Well I must say that is too bad that they are not giving you a new one.  I
personally would insist on it considering your pump is only 7 months old.
That is ridiculous.  I will say that Animas has always given me a new one.
I just think what MM is doing is very poor practice.  I would even consider
getting your insurance company involved.  Not that I really want to advocate
for any flipping insurance company.  :-)


  I should
> have my renovated pump in the morning.  As has been
> said on the list, they will not replace with a brand
> new pump, only a renovated one.  I guess that is OK.
> I am just a little disappointed that this happen to
> such an expensive piece of equipment so soon.
> Blessings to all.  Cynthia
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