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Re: [IP] Can lows kill?

At 01:59 PM 12/23/02, you wrote:
>I've seen opinions expressed both ways on this "lows can kill" and "lows
>can't kill".  Usually your liver will save you, but eventually it will run
>out of glucogon.  Does anyone actually have medical evidence?  Actual deaths
>due to a low - how long did it take?  Yes, people lose consciousness, but
>how many have actually died?  I know lows are very scary for both us and the
>people around us, but are they really fatal?  Or fatal if treated within
>several hours of losing consciousness?
>Thanks - and I intend no disrespect, I just have heard many opinions and
>very few facts,

While discussing the recent death of my friend with diabetes, my endo told 
me that a person doesn't die from a low unless they purposely took large 
amounts of insulin.  For me, with pumping, even if I make an error in 
bolusing, the following low will not get worse from my basals.  The small 
amounts that I take as basal (less than 1/2 unit per hour) would not 
contribute a whole lot to getting lower.  YMMV.

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