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Re: [IP] Re: naked pumper

> > > I asked my son about this and he and his father suggested that
> > > double faced tape might solve the problem.  I don't know how much
> > > that will pull on the skin and if it will be strong enough to hold
> > > the pump, but it could be tried. Susan
> >
> > I give up :-) .... I can't resist responding {finally}
> >
> > With all the body piercing that is the great fad now, how about just
> > installing a "ring" somewhere convenient and hanging the pump clip on
> > it ..... heh... heh...
> Well I give up too.  I can't resist responding to you.  :-)
> And what body party would you recommend for this ring?
> Inquiring Minds Want to know, as do I.  :-)
> Fran, who's thinking of getting her belly button pierced since she's
> been banned from riding her own motorcycle.  :-)

Well..... actually there are several places on the body where rings 
could be "installed" . You could start at the head and work you way 
down the body, adding rings at various places as you go... 
heh... heh... choice of sites varys from person to person and is 
somewhat gender dependent  :-)

One of our friends daughter has one through the back of her 

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