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Re: [IP] dialysis options

My lab tech is on PD and has a long catheter
> coming out of her tummy. she has a steady boyfriend who met her after the
> catheter was inserted. When she was in college she  was afraid no one
> want her because she was diabetic, after she graduated, she could not keep
> the guys away.

Thanks Andrew,

This is reassuring somehow.  At least it tells me it can be done.

I spoke with the nephrology nurse today.  My kidneys are at 42%.  Again I
pestered her about dialysis choices and she recommends PD.  She says her
mother does PD and just has a room set aside for the purpose.

She also encouraged me to think transplant as she says there are going to be
some astonishing advances in the next couple of years that will make
matching a lot easier.

Well, I'm getting more and more encouraged.  Thanks everyone!

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